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Anyone can create videos, no certifications required, just some know how and a camera
Do the work once, get paid forever, get 25 cents per view on every video for every view
You have what the world wants, the top 25 YouTube automotive DIY had 1 Billion views in 2017
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Choose a repair to make, don't wait till something breaks take any part out and put it back in and film it
Make awesome videos, check out our Content Guide for tips and tricks to make your videos look great
You get paid from your very first view. The more repair videos you create, the more income you make!
Featured Creators
Gerald Pena
I replaced the A/C blower in my 2012 Audi for $400 after the dealer quoted me $1500. Now I want to show others how!

Gerald Pena

Creator since 2017 | 2 videos

Kramer Burns
I love that I can record things I already know how to do and make extra money doing it. Filming is pretty easy once you do it a few times.

Kramer Burns

Creator since 2017 | 3 videos

Kenny Smith
I've always liked working on my vehicles and stock cars. It just feels good to save money and know the job was done right.

Kenny Smith

Creator since 2017 | 3 videos

John Williams
I'm not a mechanic but I know how to fix things. Filming repairs wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, and after the first one it's now very simple.

John Williams

Creator since 2017 | 2 videos

Common Questions

  • How do I become a HowToo creator?

    Becoming a creator is easy, just register, checkout our content guide and start creating!

  • How do I earn money on the platform?

    Earning money is easy, once you submit a video you will get paid .25 every some pays to view it.

  • How do I get paid?

    Anytime someone purchases your videos you will receive a commission on each one. Your commissions are easily view-able on the dashboard under Orders & Commissions

  • Do I have to have expensive equipment?

    No way! You can use any phone or any camera, check our content guidelines for how to create a great video and get started right now!

  • Do I have to buy the parts for each thing I fix?

    Nope, our customers are just looking for how to take something apart. You can take any existing part out and put it right back in for your video. They only want to see the steps of how to replace it

  • Do I have to be a certified mechanic?

    Simple answer, NO! We are looking for anyone that is a mechanic, amateur mechanic or anyone that just knows how to fix things.

  • How do I submit content?

    It’s easy just check out our content creation page to see the tips and tricks to making a great video, fill out our easy upload template and our software does everything else for you!

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