Content Guide

Preview Video

The preview video will be a short 30-60 second clip that explains the repair you’re going to make. This video is your chance to sell yourself—show users what part you’ll be fixing and WHY they should choose your video!

Repair Video

This will be the full repair video customers will unlock once they pay for it. Make sure you check out our tips and tricks below so you can get the best quality video.

Cover Photo

Take a great picture of the part of the car you are fixing or the car itself. This image will be used as your video thumbnail and will make your video look great.

  • Introduction

    This is where you introduce yourself and/or explain what you are going to repair in your video. This is your chance to show your customers exactly what you are fixing.

  • Quote

    Call around and get a quote for how much a shop would charge for this repair. It will show users how much they will save from purchasing your video.

  • Problem

    Show users the symptoms of why this part went out. This will help them identify if their problem is the same as this repair.

  • Part Removal

    Show the step-by-step process to remove the part. Don’t skip any steps, but be sure to provide any tips and tricks along the way.

  • Parts

    Show a part comparison of the new and old part to make sure users can recognize visually that they have the correct part.

  • Part Install

    Show the step-by-step process to install the part. Don’t forget to show users how to put everything back together. Please include any torque specs if needed.

  • Tools

    As you use each tool keep track of what is used so you can provide a list of every tool needed to complete the repair.

  • Time

    Pay attention to the time it takes to complete the repair so your customers will know how much estimated time will be needed.

The preview video should include
the following from the repair video






Here ARE SOME QUALITY TIPS and Techniques
  • Audio

    Ensure your audio is free from distracting background noises, such as dogs barking, mic pops, humming or fuzziness. Some noises are OK, but do try to minimize them the best you can.

  • HD Video

    Video should be filmed in HD, 720p or higher to minimize the frustration from pixilated or blurry videos.

  • Lighting

    Lighting is essential to great quality videos! Every part of your video should be well lit so users can see what you're working on. Investing in a few cheap lights will pay off and can raise your ratings!

  • One Shot

    Film your repair all in one long, continuous shot; if you mess up or stumble on your words don’t stop recording. Just take a moment and repeat that last sentence again and keep going. You can easily cut that mistake out in the editing process.

  • Center Framing

    Frame your videos so that the part you’re fixing is centered on the screen to give your customer a clear view of what you’re doing. Remember: He is trying to reproduce the repair you’re doing and needs to see every step.

  • Tips & Tricks

    People love hearing tips and tricks from others, so don’t forget to mention them in your video to help others learn from your experience.

Final steps in editing and uploading
Your video to the site
  • Edit Video

    Customers love videos that are clear, concise, and straight to the point. That can be easily accomplished with good editing. Speed-up parts with downtime (like removing multiple bolts) and cut anything unnecessary. Shorter video = happy customer.

  • Upload Video

    Uploading content is easy. Once you fill out the information on the upload form our software does everything else.